About Us

Tricolour Outlet strives to foster a sense of school spirit amongst students, alumni and their families by providing affordable products and services for all customers. Tricolour is a student-run retail service committed to serving the Queen’s community by providing students the opportunity to work part-time in inclusive and professional environment. We work with different organizations on campus and in the Kingston community to help them create custom goods to be used for conferences, staff appreciation, kept as mementos etc.

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We are an entirely student run service within the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University, led by 4 full-time student managers, 5 supervisors and a team of 20 staff.



All of our designs are created by the Tricolour team, ensuring our designs are unique and trendy, as the designers are also students! If you have any ideas for designs or products you would like to see, please reach out to our custom ordering manager Fiona Fleury at tri.custom@ams.queensu.ca. We want to hear from you! 



Tricolour Outlet offers top quality custom merchandise and apparel for any event, club/group, or individual with satisfaction guaranteed. Our custom order representative works closely with various organizations on campus and within the Kingston community to help them create personalized goods for any occasion such as conferences, staff appreciation, kept as mementos etc.

If you are interested in placing a custom order, you can locate the custom order form in the ‘Service’ tab on our website.

To connect directly with our custom ordering and purchasing representative, contact: 




We are proud to say all of our suppliers are Canadian companies. Our coach bus service that transports students to and from major Canadian cities helps us all reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally our bags for in-store shopping and our poly mailers for online orders are recyclable! 



Being a part of the Queen's community means we get to see all of the incredible work different clubs and organizations on campus are doing in the Kingston area and beyond. We have partnered with a variety of clubs and organizations on campus over the years either as a sponsor or working to raise funds through in-store sales and events. If you have an idea of how Tricolour could partner with you, please reach out to us tricolour@ams.queensu.ca.