Queen's Handmade Anne's Study Buddies

Queen's Handmade Anne's Study Buddies

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*Each bear is unique, with no two the same! You will receive a randomly selected bear that comes with a name tag and a copy of Anne's poem.*


Quite possibly the cutest thing we've ever seen, when our friend Anne showed us these handmade Queen's bears we knew we had to make them available to you! A retired teacher, Anne made these little guys as a hobby, often (and still) giving them away to children's hospitals and to anyone who needs a buddy. Seeing how much joy they brought people, we were ecstatic to be able to buy these little guys and sell them to any students, alum and staff who may also need a buddy.

Each bear is handmade by Anne and meant to be durable! There are no plastic bits and they are quite structurally sound making them safe for everyone.

We hope Anne's study buddies bring as much joy and as many smiles to your face and they have for us!

Stay safe and healthy,

Tricolour Team