Official Bus Policy


Tickets can only be purchased in-store at Tricolour Outlet. They cannot be purchased over the phone or online. A valid Queen’s ID is mandatory to buy a Tricolour Express ticket. For the Airport Shuttle a valid ID from Queen’s or another institution is required. Tickets are typically available for all of the current semester. Tickets can be purchased up to one hour before the departure time, pending seat availability. When boarding the bus, tickets can be shown either printed or on a phone screen.

ALL TICKETS ARE FINAL SALE. No refunds will be made for any purchases. Under extenuating circumstances, a ticket may be amended to a different time or date. Tickets cannot be exchanged from one location to another. All amendments must be made in store with the presentation of valid student ID and are subject to a $2 amendment fee. Amendments must be made 24 hours before the departure time on the ticket. Tickets can only be amended once.  No exceptions.

If you are buying and/or selling a ticket from/to someone else, both parties involved must come into the store with the original ticket and valid student ID to have the ID number changed.

If your Queen’s ID number does not match the number on the printed ticket, Tricolour Outlet reserves the right to refuse entrance to the bus.

In the event that you did not receive your ticket details to your Queen’s email or you have lost the details, please first check your “clutter” or junk folder to ensure that the email has not been misplaced in your account. If you are still experiencing trouble receiving your details you can come into the store to speak to a manager or email your concerns to our Travel Manager, Michaela, at (please include your email account and your student number in this email). We can then ensure that we have all of your information correct.

Once a ticket has been issued, it is the passenger’s responsibility to maintain a record of their reservation code. An order number will be provided upon purchase of a ticket. If the passenger does not receive the ticket via the email provided, it is their responsibility to return to Tricolour Outlet to ensure all provided contact information is correct. If Tricolour Outlet is closed, you can call Coach Canada’s customer service number, 1-800-461-7661 and obtain the reservation number.


Tricolour Outlet can make no guarantees regarding travel times. The times below are estimates and do not account for any traffic, weather, or other unforeseeable delays.

Toronto: Scarborough Town Centre approx. 2 hours & 30 mins; Downtown Toronto approximately 3 hours

Ottawa: Kanata approximately 2 hours & 40 mins; Catherine and Kent approximately 3 hours

Montreal: Approximately 3 hours

Airport Shuttle: Approximately 4 hours

Unfortunately, Tricolour Outlet does not have access to how many seats remain on any given bus and is only informed when the bus is sold out. We recommend purchasing tickets as soon as travel times and plans are finalized to avoid disappointment.

The Tricolour Express picks up at Jean Royce Hall Residence (West Campus main entrance), Victoria Hall (Albert Street side) and the JDUC (87 Union Street, near the “Welcome to Queen’s University” sign).

The same bus will travel to all three locations with 10 minutes between each stop. The first stop is West Campus (the advertised departure time), then Victoria Hall (approximately 10 minutes after), followed by the JDUC (approximately 20 minutes after the printed departure time).

Specialty locations to Kitchener/London, Oakville/Mississauga, and Hamilton/Burlington, are offered on select weekends (i.e. Thanksgiving and Reading Week). These buses will pick up at West Campus (Jean Royce Hall) and Tindall Field (near the parking lot/underground parking). 

The Airport Shuttle departs daily from Goodes Hall (Union Street entrance).

Please note: These are departure times, not when the bus is scheduled to arrive. To avoid missing the bus Tricolour Outlet recommends being at least 10-15 minutes early. Tricolour Outlet will not provide refunds or exchanges on missed busses.


There is no assigned seating. However, every passenger with a valid ticket is guaranteed a seat on the bus.

Each passenger is permitted to bring one (1) bag (weighing up to 50 pounds) to be stowed under the bus. Carry-on bags may be stored under the seat in front of you or in the overhead storage area. No animals (with the exception of service animals) will be allowed to board or be placed in storage below the bus. If you would like to bring another large piece of luggage, another seat on the bus must be purchased. 

For any items left behind on a bus, please contact Coach Canada’s Lost & Found at 1-800-461-7661.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tricolour Outlet’s Travel Manager, Kate Hunter at or call the store during our hours of operation at 613-533-2120. Tricolour Outlet reserves the right to refuse entrance to the bus if there is disputed ownership of the ticket. It is the sole responsibility of the ticket holder to get to the pickup location on time with their Student ID and reservation number on hand.


Thank you for choosing the Tricolour Express!