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Tricolour Outlet is an on campus one-stop shop that serves students, alumni and the Queen’s community. We provide Queen’s apparel/merchandise, inexpensive school supplies, event tickets, bus chartering, custom ordering, a safe and convenient bus service and a means to save and make money on used textbooks.
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Used Books

Consignment at Tricolour Outlet is beneficial to Queen’s students in several ways because it sells textbooks at discounted prices, while 75% of sales go back to the students who consigned their books when they sell!

Books consigned each year


The percentage you get back when your book sells


The percentage of retail price you can sell your books at

What does consignment mean?

Consigning your books to Tricolour Outlet means that you sell your books on our shelves. At all times through the consignment process, the books will remain the consignor’s property until they sell. This means that the consignor may take back their books at any time at no cost.

Consignment also means that Tricolour Outlet DOES NOT buy books outright, but rather pays the consignor when their books sell. When a book sells, the consignor will be notified by email that they have a payout to receive.

Books can be consigned up to 80% of the current retail price, always guaranteeing a minimum of a 20% discount on every book. When books sell, consignors will receive 75% of the sale price- a much larger sum than many stores offer!

How do I consign my books?
  1. Bring in your textbooks, and student card.

  2. To check if your textbooks are still being used, you can:

    • Ask if it was used in the past year. If so, we will likely take it back.

    • Check the Campus Bookstore website, and type the ISBN (the code beginning with 978 beneath the barcode into the search bar). This will show you when it was last used. If it was used last year, we’ll take it back!

    • You can also go to ‘Find Your Textbooks’ on the Campus Bookstore website to search by course code and find out if the textbook for that class has changed since you last used it.

  3.  You can set your book price up to 80% of the retail value, and we will keep your book on our shelves for 1 year. In that time, if it sells, you will be notified by e-mail and can receive 75% of your book price on a debit card. Make sure to bring in your student card in order to pick up your money!

    • If you’re out of the country, you can request a cheque for a small postage fee.

  4. Your textbook will expire if it is not sold within that year, and will be donated.

  5. Remember, it is your responsibility to notify staff if you’d like to reconsign your textbook or take it off the shelves to keep. If we are not notified, we will automatically donate your textbook.

  6. It’s that simple!

How do I get paid?

Payouts can be done physically in the store, putting the funds directly onto the consignor’s debit card.

If you are graduating, please do not be afraid to consign your books! If you are not in Kingston when your book sells, we can send you a cheque directly to you at any address you like!

Consign your books at Tricolour Outlet to receive lower prices and support your fellow Queen’s students!

How can used textbooks save and make me money?
It starrts with you bringing your old textbooks to the store. We can check if we are taking them back. If we are not taking them back, you can drop them off in the store donation box. When your book sells, you receive 75% of the money. Students like you come in and save money buying used textbooks. You can set your book price at 80% of the original retail price. 11358 is the average number of books students consign each yeyar
Consignment policy
Duties of the Consignor
  1. The consignor must be the sole owner of the book(s) consigned. Tricolour Outlet reserves the right to refuse consignment of a book in the case of disputed ownership.

  2. The consignor must present their student card at the time of consignment and of consignor payout.

  3. The consignor may set the prices for their book(s) up to a maximum of 80% of the current retail price.

  4. The consignor may cancel or change the price of a consignment at any time.

  5. The consignor shall be responsible for providing Tricolour Outlet with accurate contact information in order to be notified of the sale.

  6. The consignor agrees to collect their payments by the following methods within one (1) year of the sale of their book:

    1. Debit Card

    2. Cheque (upon request)

Note: The consignor will incur the costs of postage for mailed cheques. Cheques mailed domestically cost $1.00, while international postage costs $3.00. The cost for postage will be deducted from the final payment for the book(s).

Duties of Tricolour Outlet
  1. Tricolour Outlet shall pay the consignor 75% of the asking price when a book is sold and shall retain the remaining 25% as commission.

  2. After one year of consignment, any unsold book(s) become the property of Tricolour Outlet. In order to keep the consignment active beyond one year the consignor must renew the consignment prior to expiration.

  3. Tricolour Outlet shall notify the consignor by e-mail once a book is sold. Tricolour Outlet is not responsible for uninformed/unpaid consignors where inaccurate or out-of-date contact information has been provided by the consignor.

  4. Tricolour Outlet shall provide payments to the consignor in the form of debit or cheques only. No cash payments will be made. Debit payments will be made available during operational hours.

    1. Cheques will be printed at the end of each month and may be mailed to the consignor upon request. Tricolour Outlet reserves the right to deduct the costs of postage for mailed cheques from the consignor’s payment for the book(s) sold.

  5. Tricolour Outlet reserves the right to retain any payment available to the consignor from a consignment sale if this payment remains uncollected one (1) year after the sale.

  6. Tricolour Outlet shall undertake reasonable care for all consigned books but are otherwise not liable for any damage or destruction of books, however caused.

  7. In the event that a book(s) is lost or stolen, Tricolour Outlet shall pay the consignor 75% of the consigned price. The payment will be made in the form of a cheque. Books not found after expiery will not be considered lost.

    1. If another copy of a lost book can be found, Tricolour Outlet will replace said lost book with the alternate copy in lieu of distributing a cheque.

  8. Tricolour Outlet reserves the right to donate all unclaimed expired books to charity after one year on the shelves.

Tricolour Outlet’s consignment policy is subject to change at any time.

If you have any questions please ask a staff member or contact the Used Books Manager at: or 613 533 2120

Thank you for consigning your books with Tricolour Outlet!